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07. 12. 2016

New Year's Eve Festive Menu

Welcome Drink: Glass of champagne Amuse bouche Starter I. Deer sirloin, truffles, sesame, Parmesan croutons, Chipotle chilli pepper Starter II. Tyger prawns, mango, cucumber, coriander, ponzu gel, Bird Eye chilli pepper Main Course I. Monkfish, prawn espuma, topinambours, sea asparagus, carrot, Carolina Reaper chilli pepper Main Course II. Beef picanha, egg yolk, veal sweetbreads,…

02. 12. 2015

Silvestr menu 2015

04. 11. 2015

Special hot chocolate

Hot chocolate warms you up in bad weather. Our special hot chocolate warms you big time! It´s chili delicacy.  So hot that only the brave ones dare to taste. FYI: you can have the “normal” one in the confectionery nearby, we speak about chili here. :).

13. 08. 2015

Some more chili

Some more chili from Czech farmers has just arrived. Fresh chili just a couple of hours after harvest. Prices rank from 220,- CZK to 450 CZK a kilo. Jalapenos, Cayen gold, Cayen red , Jamaica red, Serrano , Pimiento de Padron. Fresh deliveries in the morning, usually ca 30kg available in total.Last delivery was sold out in a minute, so….see you in Chilli Point. Pimiento de Padron grilled with…

30. 04. 2015

Chili pepper oils

Great news! Oils made from chili peppers. Available in our shop.

30. 04. 2015

Chilli Point on Prima TV

Interesting opening report in the Tv show “Prima hodinka”. Please click to watch:

03. 04. 2015

Easter Menu

We have prepared a delicious Easter menu for you! Hen soup with Piri Piri and spring onion 70 Kč Poached egg in herb crust with Cayen chili, spinach and beetroot chips 115 Kč Rack of lamb on ginger and chili Carolina Reaper, green beans, tomatoes and coriander ragout, confited vegetables 290 Kč Easter bunny, coconut cream with chili Habanero, black cherries and almonds 95 Kč Price for the…

22. 03. 2015

Fruit coulis with chili

Amazing fruit coulis can be used for decorating desserts, tastes great with grilled meat or sweets up your day in breakfast yoghurt – it´s up to you. Chili Point is the only place in the world where you can buy and taste this specialty. It´s full of first class fruit and doesn´t contain any preservatives. Find it as the Chili Point brand.